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Wedding Party Specials

Congratulations on your Big Day! There is so much to celebrate, and everyone wants to look and feel their absolute best.  We look forward to providing you the Botox cosmetic treatments you want so you can look your best and the IV hydration you need so you can take advantage of that open bar and keep the party going all night!

*Pro tip - IV hydration before your event can help prevent hangover symptoms

Bridal Party Botox

For any group of 6 or more, each member locks in a price of $11/unit and organizer receives 20 complimentary units of Botox.  For groups of 8 or more, organizer receives 30 complimentary units of Botox and a bottle of Champagne for the group. Minimum 6 Botox clients present, minimum 20 units each to receive promotion.

**Note: Botox injections take approximately 10-14 days to reach full efficacy.

Bridal Party IV's

For any bridal party of 6 or more, each member receives 25% off any IV cocktail of your choice.  Bride or Groom's IV will be given complimentary.

**Note: Cocktails containing NAD not included in promotion

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