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Service Consent and Waivers

The Botox ® informed consent is required for receiving Botox ® injections.  Please also read the Botox® information from the next link below.

The following questions determine medical suitability and disclose contraindications used by the provider to ensure proper, safe application of Botox® treatments. This is required for Botox® treatment.

The Botox ® patient info is provided through Botox® provider Allergan, and is highly recommended before receiving your first Botox® treatment.

The B12 informed consent is for B12 intramuscular vitamin injections, and also will apply if adding B12 as an add-onto an IV.

The IV hydration consent form is required to receive intravenous infusion therapy, and determines medical suitability for such treatments.

The Semaglutide informed consent is required for receiving Semaglutide injections for weight loss. 

This form outlines any medical conditions and diet/exercise habits you have, and is used to evaluate your suitability for weight loss treatment.  Complete this form in its entirety before your consultation, print it, and bring it with you, and you will review it with our staff during your appointment.

The Semaglutide medication guide provided by the FDA is required to review and acknowledge prior to receiving Semaglutide injections for weight loss. 

The photo release waiver permits Hidration LLC to feature your image in our marketing and social media.  This is separate from the mandatory photos required before Botox® treatment.

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