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Happy, Healthy, Hydrated.

Revitalize through essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health and recovery.

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"This was my first IV Injection for wellness. Justine is so sweet and has a calming personality. I would definitely recommend getting one of her specialized cocktails. You will feel much better!"
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Mary Wade

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Best Botox® in Virginia Beach, in your home, or at our salon.

On the expressive upper third of the face, we constantly engage the muscles around our eyes, between the brows, and on the forehead when we make expressions such frowning or showing surprise. Over time we form hundreds of thousands of these contractions, plus our skin gradually gets thinner. This thinning allows wrinkles and lines to form on the surface skin above the muscle. These are glabellar lines (the 11s) between our eyebrows, lines our foreheads, and crow’s feet between our eyes and temples. These common areas have what are known as “dynamic wrinkles.” When Botox® is injected into the muscle forming any of these wrinkles it prevents the muscle from contracting, and the wrinkle on the surface skin is effectively erased.

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Mobile IV Therapy

That's right, we'll come to you!

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We provide on-demand vitamin-infused blends to optimize repair, recovery, and rehydration on the cellular level in the comfort of your home, hotel, or office. Our science-backed therapies and formulations are created and perfected to address a variety of symptoms such as dehydration, weight management, low libido, hangovers, low energy, jet lag, migraines, nausea, and other ailments. 

Your Mobile IV Therapy Experience

Choose Your Services

Select from our many IV Drip services and receive professional assistance from our medical staff.

Easily Book Appointments

Schedule your IV Drip at a time that is most convenient for you.

We're On Our Way

One of our experienced nurses will arrive at your location of choice.

Relaxation & Renewal

Sit back and unwind as your compassionate and caring nurse expertly administers your IV Drip.

IV Cocktails

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Accepting walk-ins for IV's and vitamin injections
Tuesday-Friday 11am-4:30pm
Call 757-985-7237 for Saturday availability
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Joseph Habit

Benefits of IV Therapy

Faster Absorption

IV Therapy maximizes the vitamin and mineral absorption by directly delivering nutrients to your bloodstream.

Longer Lasting Benefits

Some nutrients, including vitamin C, are poorly absorbed when consumed orally. Higher amounts of these nutrients can be supplied to the body by IV, enhancing their bioavailability by as high as 80% greater than oral vitamins.

Personalized Care

Our IV Drips are curated to provide specific nutrients for a more personalized treatment.


The Best Botox® 
In Virginia Beach

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Lines across the forehead can be softened while still preserving function. It is important to have some motion in the brow to prevent the “frozen” appearance. The forehead creases can be softened using 7-10 units of Botox®.  *Individual Results May Vary.

Lines around the eyes, frequently referred to as “crow’s feet”. These respond favorably to Botox®. Only a highly trained and experienced providers should administer Botox® around the eyes. The crow’s feet frequently require 20-25 units of Botox® for full treatment.  *Individual Results May Vary.


Crow's Feet

Semaglutide & Tirzepatide

for Weight Loss

An FDA Approved
Compliment to Diet & Exercise

HSA FSA eligible
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