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Blue IV hydration bag


$159 | 1 hr. ◷

Itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat, earaches, wheezing…is this your typical spring? When you add in the humidity, air pollutants, heat, and pollen common to Virginia Beach, you’re left with some of the worst conditions for allergies. We’ve come up with a top-notch combination of vitamins and minerals to put your symptoms at bay, and have you asking “what’s an allergy?”


500 mL Saline, Vitamin C, B Complex, B12, Glutamine

Uses for Allergy IV Drips

Blue drip Hidration IV

Prevent allergy reactions
prior to allergy season

Blue drip Hidration IV

Easing allergy symptoms and building immunity to airborne allergens

Blue drip Hidration IV

Aiding in energy and resiliency
after allergen exposure

The Chemical-Free Way to Fight Allergies

Allergies are the result of our immune systems attacking foreign substances (such as pollen) in a hyperactive manner. In order to reduce our allergy response, we have to strengthen our immune systems…which is where our allergy relief IV drip comes in. This combination of vitamins and minerals will not only fortify your immune system to top-notch strength but will cleanse you of any of those lingering allergens that might be causing your symptoms. Sick of the puffy red eyes, mucus, and itchy throat so common in the spring and summer? Ask about our allergy prevention iv drip today.

Image of woman's eye with allergic irritation hidration IV
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