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Hidration IV blue hydration bag


$99 | 45 min. ◷

Immediately relieve the symptoms of dehydration with our blend of electrolytes and fluids. This IV is perfect for people that may be suffering from acute or chronic dehydration.

See more details and uses below.


500mL saline

Uses for Hydration IV Drips

Hidration IV blue water drip

Recovering your body's water reserves quickly and effectively

Hidration IV blue water drip

Prepping for prolonged, rigorous physical activity.

Hidration IV blue water drip

For people who are sick, injured or recovering from surgical procedures.

Fast, Effective Hydration IV Treatment

Dehydration can be caused by intense physical strain, illness, travel, or treatments such as chemotherapy. Your body uses your body’s water reserves during these stressful situations, causing considerable dehydration. Our Hydration IV Drip can assist your body in hydrating back to its proper levels quickly.

With 75% of Americans being chronically dehydrated, IV hydration can help keep you in top shape after rigorous workouts, bouts of sickness, or cases of chronic dehydration.

Our Hydration IV Drip Treatments will help you rehydrate quickly and efficiently by delivering the perfect balance of sodium chloride directly to your bloodstream.

Ingredients Include: 500 mL of 0.9% Sodium Chloride.

hidration iv bottle of water pouring into a glass
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