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Hidration IV blue bag of IV fluids

Immune Defense

$159 | 1 hr. ◷

This IV is formulated with Vitamin C, Zinc, and other immunity boosting vitamins to keep you in tip top shape and ready to fight off sickness before exposure.

See more details and uses below.


500 mL Saline, Vitamin C, B Complex, Zinc

Uses for Immunity IV Drips

Hidration IV blue water drip

Assists your body in faster
recovery from illnesses

Hidration IV blue water drip

Keep your body in top shape
for fighting off viruses

Hidration IV blue water drip

General maintenance of
your immune system

Stay Boosted With Immunity Boost IV Treatment

Specially formulated to support your immune system whether you’re fighting off a cold or more intense illnesses, the Immune Defense IV Drip has the necessary ingredients to help your immune system stay in top notch condition. By having the proper fluids your body is normally able to maintain an optimal immunity system which helps reduce the chance of catching viruses or other illnesses.

Our immunity boost IV treatment is ideal for keeping your body at its most optimal level with essential vitamins, minerals, and fluids specially blended to keep you healthy.


Hidration IV image of person meditating peacefully
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