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Hidration IV blue bag of fluids

Athlete Performance

$199 | 1 hr. ◷

Replenish essential nutrients, while reducing recovery time and soreness. This infusion rehydrates your body, enhances the many aspects of cellular functionality, promotes muscle growth, and aids post-workout muscle repair. Keep the ball in your court with Hidration's Performance Drip


500 mL Saline, Vitamin C, Magnesium, B12, B Comp., L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Glutamine

Uses for Performance IV Drips

Hidration IV blue water drip

Decreasing recovery time

Hidration IV blue water drip

Replenishing essential nutrients

Hidration IV blue water drip

Reducing inflammation

The Athlete Performance IV Drip

The detrimental effects of oxidative stress such as muscle and joint pain associated with intense exercise can take a toll on athletes. Reducing oxidative stress at the cellular level, however, can improve an athlete’s health and performance. That’s where the Performance Drip comes in. This drip is designed to reduce soreness and fatigue, shorten post-injury recovery time, and potentially improve athletic ability. Replenish your body with premium-quality compounds to promote recovery and overall wellness.

This drip is loaded with amino acids to help with workouts, sports recovery, post-workouts, post sporting events, injury recovery, and surgery recovery. IV therapy is excellent when used in combination with physical therapy, restorative fitness, or any restorative/recovery regimen. It will jump-start your ultimate recovery reboot - helping you to revive faster, while giving you the edge to maximize your training or competition preparation.

Hidration IV image of man playing basketball
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