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Now at Hidration Salon!

Hidration offers luxurious micro needling with SkinPen® by Crown Aesthetics 

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Micro-needling with SkinPen®

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Reduces acne scarring

SkinPen® regenerates and activates your own collagen for more youthful looking skin, smoothing wrinkles on the neck and improving the look of facial acne scars.


What is SkinPen®?

SKINPEN® is the only FDA approved device designed to perform a cosmetic procedure that utilises the technology of automatic skin micropunctures using sterile needles contained in a disposable end.


What Does SkinPen® Micro-Needling Treatment Involve?

During the SkinPen® treatment, thanks to fractional micro-needling, we can insert active substances into the skin, stimulating the skin to remodel and create networks of new collagen fibers. The micro-injuries intentionally caused during the treatment initiate natural mechanisms of skin regeneration and renewal and speed up its cell divisions.

The preparations delivered into the skin are a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts. Hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen fibers, making the skin optimally moisturized. Thanks to improved vascularization, the skin is better oxygenated, fairer, and healthier.

What Happens During a SkinPen® Treatment?

The treatment is proceeded by a consultation with a specialist, who gives the patient a referral to the treatment. After the qualification, the therapeutic agent can be applied on the skin that has been prepared and desinfected. Than we dynamically move SkinPen® a few times over the treatment area performing micro-punctures .

When Does the Effect Appear and How Long Does it Last?

Effects usually become visible after the second or third treatment in the series, although in some patients they are visible already after the first treatment. The full effect will be stabilized within one month after the last treatment of the series.

Reaction of the body to the treatment is varied and individual.

What Are the Indications of the Treatment?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Dilated pores

  • Acne scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Uneven tone

  • Surgery and burn scars

  • Thin skin

  • Atonic skin

  • Rejuvenation of hands

  • Alopecia and support to hair loss therapy

What Effects Can be Expected After the Treatment?

After a series of SkinPen® treatments, the main effect is stimulation of the skin for natural production of collagen and elastin. The treatment helps in absorption of active ingredients into the skin leaving it nourished. It also leads to improvement of the skin tightness leaving it significantly younger. SkinPen® is also used in treatment of acne scars and alopecia. It reduces fine lines and creases, narrows pores and can eliminate stretch marks.

How Many Treatments to Receive Optimal Effects?

The series depends on the skin type and problems reported by the patient. The best effects are achieved after a series of 4-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart. The therapy is arranged on an individual basis.


What Aftercare is Needed?

Immediately after the treatment, the patient may experience mild burning and the feeling of heat. Eight hours after the treatment, the skin should be washed with a delicate cleaning agent for sensitive skin. For skincare, you should use the skincare product provided with the treatment. These products will speed up skin healing and reduce redness and swelling without inhibiting the repair process. You should  apply high-factor sunscreen for at least two weeks after the treatment.

Is the Treatment Painful?

You may experience slight discomfort - immediately after the treatment you can feel a slight itching and short-term burning sensation. Reddening and swelling of the treated area may be visible for a few days after the treatment. This is a normal reaction of the body to the treatment, it does not require special care and will disappear on its own.

As with any treatment involving punching of the skin, development of hematomas is possible.

Contraindications and Adverse Effects

  • Neoplastic diseases

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Active herpes

  • Active acne

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*SkinPen® has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any treatment or therapy program. 

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